Monday, April 28, 2008

Trouble No One About Their Religion?

"Trouble no one about their religion, respect all in their views, and demand that they respect yours." - Chief Tecumseh

How can we know that we do not live in a world that warrants troubling others about their religion?

This is a religious statement. It takes the faith that only a religion can espouse for anyone to possibly know that there is no one exclusive faith.

Christianity claims that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. Islam claims that atheism and agnostics (Buddhists fall in this category) can never attain salvation.

With the above said, while I thoroughly disagree with Chief Tecumseh, at the same time I am not advocating that we coerce people into belief.

After all, coerced belief is no belief at all. By the sword, you may get someone to concede to reciting a creed, but not even the sword can conquer the heart.

Capturing the heart is the domain of art (any rhymes present here are purely coincidental and do not necessarily reflect the intentions of this blog or its writer :-).

"Let me write the songs of a nation, I really don't care who writes it's laws" -
Andrew Fletcher

Make no mistake about it. Proselytization is alive and well today. But its widest net is not cast in the writings of philosophers, nor echoed in the halls of academia. Its broadest reach, approaching ubiquity, is in the form of our culture's entertainment (usually a cheap form of what can be loosely called "art). The new evangelist with the loudest voice is not John Hagee, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, or Joel Osteen, but rather it is found in the voices of producers, directors, writers, actors, artists, performers and songwriters.

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