Thursday, April 24, 2008

The "Seeker Sensitive" God

One morning on my way to work, I watched an old lady who was trying to get gas. She was practically swearing at the pump, muttering her frustrations to herself within my earshot as she couldn’t seem to get the gas to flow. After she figured out the prepay requirement, she struggled to get the pump to read her card. I thought I’d help, but before I made a move, the attendant helped her via the intercom.

What if things that seem random, are messages from God, waiting for the discerning, wise and humble of heart to decipher?

Don’t “suffer” a fool could have been this message... When the above event occurred, I had been dealing with a lot of foolish people... I don't believe in coincidences...

I had a surreal experience one evening last summer. I was to play an outdoor concert, hosted by my old church as a community outreach. As I was setting up, the weather being perfect, I turned around to find a beautiful girl within 50 feet of me, riding her bike towards me, wind blowing in her hair... She spoke to me with such an exotic accent and asked me what was going on that evening. I explained. I then asked her where she came from. She replied, “Holland”. “On your bike?”, I asked. She even laughed like an angel. I honestly wondered if she was an angel.

What if God spoke through these events? Maybe this was His way of simply saying that He was going to be present and was going to send goodness to us that evening? It was a nice evening.

As a child, I used to want Him to speak to me as a friend speaks to a friend, in words. I still want Him to speak, but now I can see how much more amazing it would be if He spoke through the everyday events of life, presenting them like a puzzle, inviting those of us who long for His friendship to decipher.

I have recently discovered that God is “seeker-sensitive”. He looks at what we like, our style, our culture, our preferences, our predispositions, our personality, speaking the loudest through our passions.

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