Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Cause of Faith

Faith is a cause, not a result.

Faith is a doubt that causes us to ask questions. It is not the result of a spiritual world that is unknowable.

Faith asks us to think. It is not an excuse to throw our minds away.

Answers do not threaten faith. Answers only lead to more questions.

"Mommy, what is that?"
"Its a Zebra"
"Why does it have stripes?"
"Because God made it that way?"
"God? Who is God?"

The question of God is an eternal question about an eternal being. Is is the question that will not go away no matter what we learn about its answer.

It is the goal that always stands ahead of the runner. A goal if obtained, removes the very joy of running.

Faith is hinged to God's revelation. He has spoken. He speaks mysteriously, forcing the questioning process.

Reason necessitates faith. It sets boundaries in faith's name.

Are you listening to the questions?
Are you thinking about the possible answers?

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