Saturday, August 30, 2008

Purpose Draws the Bounds

Porn, by one definition is broken art. It is broken because it has failed to stay within the boundaries of purpose.

Does this description surprise you?

Think about the differences between what we might call a pornographic image and a nude statue in an art gallery. The above statement successfully differentiates between the two if we understand "the boundaries of purpose".

Is sex's purpose merely for pleasure? If so, then why should we prohibit or even be offended at bestiality or consensual acts of pedophilia and orgies?

Or is sex really an expression to be shared only within a lifelong committed relationship? Our culture may try to reject this, but I see evidence that it can't escape the specter of marriage.

For instance, have you ever noticed that advertisements for porn cast it as "dirty" fun? If there is nothing on the human consciousness written that draws a line, then why not advertise it as "getting up and clean" instead of "down and dirty"?

I am convinced that our culture would rather live life without purpose, a life of meaningless pleasure, rather than a life of purposeful self-control.

I do not exclude myself in this lament. My nature is like anyone else's, however I am not afraid to stare truth in the face.

Are you?

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