Sunday, March 16, 2008

We Seek Answers To Questions Not Asked

In the book of Job, in the midst of his suffering, he and his friends ask a lot of questions as to why he was suffering.

When God finally speaks from the whirlwind, He doesn't provide answers.... instead He offers questions. The questions make Job think about who he is, not why he was suffering.

Job was seeking answers to the wrong questions. When we suffer, we often ask "Why?". But God's questions asked "Who"?

I DO believe in asking "Why". I believe we should, "Continue to ask "Why?" until you are forced to ask "Who?"."

On the opening to the T.V. series X files, Moulder had signs hanging around his office reading, "The truth is out there" and "I want to believe".

But there was an assumption on the show that the answers to Moulder's questions would set him free. But was he asking the right questions?

The story of Christ is a story of goodness that surrenders itself to suffering and pain for our redemption. But its not a story that tells us why we might suffer in our personal lives.

However, it whispers this message:

You are not alone. In the midst of suffering God is there because God suffered loss also.

I admit that I prefer resolutions to empathy, but I also prefer over-eating over exercising, fried foods over salads and answers to questions that I am asking vs answers to questions that I'm not wise enough to ask.

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