Sunday, January 4, 2009

Speaking the words of a god

How many times have you either said or heard a response like this to an unattractive statement of faith?

"Oh, I could never go for that!"

I've heard such responses to various claims of Christianity. Christianity calls certain behaviors sin. It states that sometimes human suffering will occur as a test. It speaks of eternal damnation (a doctrine that I despise the most, yet believe in).

Many people will express such rejections because they see religious faith, merely as a narrative that gives the possessor enough purpose to get through life. I will address this perspective in a future blog.

But oh to be a person who could will in truth. Imagine a world that exists merely because you want it to. Imagine a world that has qualities simply because you like them. You are imagining that you are a god because only a god's volition equals reality.

Only a divine being possessing omnipotence can say something exists because he/she likes it and something does NOT exist because he/she finds it unappealing. If you and I were omnipotent, we'd do nothing because we had to. Everything that we did, we'd do only because we wanted to. And the world that we lived in, could be the figment of our imagination. Being omnipotent, we wouldn't just wish truths, since there would be nothing to prevent our wishes from becoming reality. Unfortunately, many finite human beings, speak with infinite assumptions.

There are three axioms of life, three undeniable truths that we can all agree upon. They are taxes, suffering and death. These things happen to us all. Notice that these axioms are all negative. None of us like the existence of these things, but our dislike doesn't make them go away.

If your worldview, if your faith, if your spirituality, contains nothing unattractive in its claims, rest assured it is an idol and you are its god.

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