Friday, July 11, 2008

Purpose Breeds Morality

A chair can be used for many things. It can be used as a footstool, a table to eat off of or to stand candles upon, a step stool....

But we all know that when a chair is used for such things, it is not really being used for its intended purpose. And how do we ultimately know the purpose of a chair? Every chair designer/manufacturer/builder will tell you that a chair is designed for people to sit on.

Purpose ALWAYS comes from a purpose-maker. We can never really say something "ought" to be a certain way without connecting it to a person.

Just like the chair can be USED for things that are not tied to its purpose, human behavior is the same. An obvious example is that a person can love or hate, protect life or kill it.

So the mistake that I hear when people debate controversial social issues like abortion, homosexuality, etc., is that they speak in terms of pragmatism. The argument goes like this.

"Why would anyone have a problem with homosexuality? I don't care what other people do in their bedrooms as long as they are not hurting anyone else."

The other side might use an argument of, "Homosexuality causes increases in HIV, and is tied to emotional, psychological issues., etc....."

I propose that people start with the subject of purpose on these issues. These issues go back to the very purpose of life.

For instance, is the purpose of sex just for feeling good or is there a deeper purpose tied to it in terms of a committed love relationship?

Is there a purpose for male-female relationships or is the male-female union merely a product of evolutionary chance processes therefore legitimizing homosexual unions as well?

These questions may seem unanswerable.... They are if one ONLY uses logic. But there are answers when one tries to live these philosophies out in life.

One side will be happy and the other will be miserable... One side will be liveable and the other will not....

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