Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Serious Happiness

So much of this blog is critical of noncritical thinking. One big reason that people don't ask deep questions is because they're trying to escape the deep answers.

Shallowness is a parachute when you're falling into oblivion, however it only delays the inevitable.

So much of life is volitional, posing as incompetence. The victory doesn't go to the smartest, or the most gifted. The victory goes to the one who is not afraid to look at life the way it truly is no matter what it costs. Only such a life is worth living.

Frivolity is a specific type of escape.

The difference between frivolity and joy is that joy is SERIOUS happiness.

Maybe I'm becoming a little bit of a cultural hermit as I don't keep up with the latest movies and music except as a means to allow me to better communicate and engage those who do.

One could say that I've escaped, but when one escapes a burning building, it feels just like being rescued. If you look at me on the surface, you might be distracted by a certain seriousness, but I am serious about my happiness.

Are you living a frivolous life or a joyful one? Do live in a world that you have wished for or do you wish for a world that you live in?

My role is not to have all the answers but to show you how to receive them yourself.

For what answers that I've found, I've found them to be a gift to receive, not pearls to take.

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