Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why the Earth is Not our Mother

The technology that creates the platform for this very blog testifies to the fact that we live in a world that rewards empirical science.

Sure, technology can be abused and misused, but there is no denying the fact that technology has for the most part, made life better.

Just as miracles authenticate God's word, technology authenticates empirical science.

Empirical science puts the earth under a microscope, dissects it, experiments with it, and makes discoveries that produce computers, and all the tech gadgets that has come to define 21st century life, automobiles, air planes, more efficient ways to farm land, the printing press, etc....

When the Europeans first discovered the Americas, the natives were still living very primitively. I don't believe that the Native Americans were less intelligent or less evolved as some would believe but never dare say (rightfully so to their shame). I believe they were stifled by their worldview.

Native Americans, believe in pantheism, which is the idea that everything is divine. In such a world, there is no separation between Creator and creation because the earth itself is part of God.

In such a world, it would be irreverent to put anything under a microscope, perform experiments or to otherwise study the known world. THIS is why the Natives were so primitive.

So if the Earth is our mother, then why does nature itself seem to reward us for putting her under a microscope?

Does this reward not scream a truth that there is a distinction between the Creator and His creation?

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