Monday, January 28, 2008

The Marriage of Creativity to Propositions

With the advent of the internet, computers have become dynamic machines, equipping us with the ability to communicate to one another in the forms of blogs, instant messenging, e-mail, video telephone, and the list goes on.

Computers have really empowered creativity. With the popularity of Youtube, and other similar sites, anyone can create a video or movie and post it to millions.

The computer has empowered musicians like myself to distribute my music to a worldwide audience without having to funnel it through the over-exclusive corporate suits known as the record labels. Not only this, but thanks to computer technology, the hardware costs of recording a high quality project has been greatly reduced from studios of analog equipment amounting to six figure budgets, down to around a thousand dollars.

Yes, computers can be said to clearly stimulate our senses. They speak to the visceral sides of our humanity. Anyone can relate to a computer with their left-brain.

Now if one were to "open up the hood" of a computer, at its base it is driven by binary logic. Computers work in absolutes known as 0’s and 1’s. You could think of the 0's and 1's of binary as being equivalent to "black & white". Without "black & white" logic, you have no computer.

Without the absolute, we can not enjoy all of the existential entitites that we come to think of the computer as bringing us.

I want to suggest that this paradigm is not limited to the computer. A computer system, like any system, is only mirroring the very essence of life itself. Life is to be experienced in the visceral. But at its base foundations, it is absolute.

It is at this absolute level, where we should expect to find something, immutable, and transcendent. It is at life's very foundational core that I expect to find an unchangeable anchor to which all of life is tied to. And it is not so much that I expect to find something, but rather someone.

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